Columbia Heights Academy
Grade 10 Curriculum
































































Semester Two (Feb-June)

Total credits this semester = 3 1/3

English (14 hrs/wk)

Literature "Lit For Teens 16B" (0.5 cr.)
Composition "Paragraph Writing II" (0.25 cr.)
Composition "Writing for Magazine Publication II" (0.25 cr.)

Literature (4 hrs/wk for 16 wks)
- Online Classes-for-Teens Course: "Lit For Teens 16B"
(Readings include And Then There Were None, Animal Farm, , Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde, The Hound of Baskervilles, Inherit the Wind, O. Henry Short Stories, and Silas Marner.)
- Engagement: FVRL Teen Book Club

Composition (4 hrs/wk for 6 wks)
- Online Home2Teach Course: "Paragraph Writing II"
- Engagement: Prof. Writers Series

Composition (30-hrs during 3-week intense writing retreat):
- Write, polish, and submit for publication 2-3 pieces

SAT-Prep (2 hrs/wk; NC = No Credit)
- Vocabulary from Lit For Teens texts
- Daily practice problems via SAT iphone app

Reading (12+ hrs/wk; NC)
- Book List: assigned and free choices per CHA Lit List 10

Mathematics (4 hrs/wk)

Pre-Calculus II (0.5 elective cr.)




Mathematical Inquiry Project: T.B.D. (One week spent studying a specialized topic in Pre-Calculus mathematics or higher.)

Natural Science (3+ hrs/wk)

Chemistry 112 w/ lab (0.33 cr.)

Chemistry Lectures & Workbook: Chemistry (2nd. Ed) by Frank Cardulla (Great Courses) - Lectures 23-36

Chemistry Lab: Thames and Kosmos's CHEM C3000 Chemistry Kit with 387 Experiments - Labs chapters 19-29

Supplemental Texts: Smithsonian's Science 101 Chemistry and Chemistry for Dummies with 1001 Practice Problems Workbook

Supplemental Reading:
-- Why There's Antifreeze in Your Toothpaste by S.Q. Field

Supplemental Resources: see "Chemistry" in right side menu

History (3 hrs/wk)

Honors World History "Lit. of Modern Civilizations" (0.33 cr.)

Reading List: Selections from modern world history section of WTM's History-as-Literature List including “Critique of Pure Reason” by Kant (1781), “The Rights of Man” by Paine (1792), Pride and Prejudice by Austen (1813), “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Poe (1839), Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (1847), Walden by Thoreau (1854), Great Expectations by Dickens (1861), Far from the Maddening Crowd by Hardy (1874), The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank (1947), “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” by Stoppard (1967).

Resources: The Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events and DK History: The Definitive Visual Guide

Humanities / Social Sciences

World Language (3 hrs/wk)

World Language "ASL Signing III" (0.33 cr.)

Text & Workbook: A Basic Course in American Sign Language
(ch 16-22 & dialogue 5-7; equiv. to Pierce College's ASL&123 Sign Language III)

Supplemental Reading: In This Sign: The Highly Acclaimed Novel of a Family Whose Love and Courage Enable Them to Survive in the Silent World of the Deaf

Resources: Signing - How to Speak with Your Hands by Elaine Costello; Signing Savvy videos; Exam Buster's Sign Language Study Cards


Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theatre (2 hrs/wk)

Beginning Guitar (0.25 credit)

Video Course: Justin Guitar's Beginning Course
Texts: The Justin Guitar Beginner's Songbook Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

PE: Fitness & Health (2 hrs/wk)

PE/Health "Effects of Diethylstilbestrol Exposure II" (0.25 cr.)

Health: Politics of big-pharma specifically in the example of diethylstilbestrol (DES); study of hormone receptors; effects of environmental disruptors on animals and the environment.

Fitness: Making 10,000+ steps 5 days/wk. (No credit, just do it!)

Miscellaneous (4+ hrs/wk)

Driver's Training (0.33 cr.)

Drivers Instruction School: Full Circle Driving School, Woodland WA
30 hours classroom instruction, 6 hours behind-the-wheel. Must earn 90% on FC final exam and 80% on DOL written exam. Also complete 50 hrs parent-led practice including 10 hrs night driving.

Extra Curricular Activities (5+ hrs/wk)

Girl Scouts (Senior): Complete badges as desired. Perform service projects in the community. (4 hrs/month)

Environmental Activism: Volunteering with Green Party SWWA, Columbia Riverkeeper, and No Methanol 360. Sign waving, canvassing, letters-to-the-editor, written testimony, public comments at hearings, and presentations. (approx. 9 hrs/month)

Horseback Riding Lessons and Horse Camps at Cornerstone Horsemanship Stables (6 hrs/month)

Clubs: Active with a Teen Book Club that meets monthly (FVRL) to discuss books and authors. (1 hr/month + lots of reading)