Columbia Heights Academy
Grade 10 Curriculum





































































Semester One (Aug-Jan)

Total credits this semester = 3 1/6

English (14 hrs/wk)

Literature "Lit For Teens 16A" (0.5 cr.)
Composition "Paragraph Writing I"
(0.25 cr.)
Composition "Writing for Magazine Publication I" (0.25 cr.)

Literature (4 hrs/wk for 16 wks)
- Online Classes-for-Teens Course: "Lit For Teens 16A"
(Readings include Jane Eyre, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Edgar Allen Poe - Stories and Poetry, and Oliver Twist.)
- Engagement: FVRL Teen Book Club

Composition (4 hrs/wk for 6 wks)
- Online Home2Teach Course: "Paragraph Writing I"
- Supplementary Reading: They Say / I Say - The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing by Gerald Graff
- Engagement: B-SAT Teen Writers Group; Prof. Writers Series

Composition (30-hrs during 3-week intense writing retreat):
- Write, polish, and submit for publication TWO pieces
- Also write, polish, and submit to Imagined Ink (due 10/2)

SAT-Prep (2.5 hrs/wk; NC = No Credit)
- Daily practice problems via SAT iphone app
- Video Course: How to Become a Superstar Student (Great Courses)

Reading (12+ hrs/wk; NC)
- Book List: assigned and free choices per CHA Lit List 10

Mathematics (4+ hrs/wk)

Pre-Calculus I (0.5 elective cr.)

Lessons: Golden Maths - College Algebra by Sally Keely

Problems: Functions Modeling Change - A Preparation for Calculus by Deborah Hughes-Hallett

Mathematical Inquiry Project: Taxicab Geometry (One week spent studying a specialized topic in Pre-Calculus mathematics or higher.)

Natural Science (4+ hrs/wk)

Chemistry 111 w/ lab (0.33 cr.)

Chemistry Lectures & Workbook: Chemistry (2nd. Ed) by Frank Cardulla (Great Courses) - Lectures 1-22

Chemistry Lab: Thames and Kosmos's CHEM C3000 Chemistry Kit with 387 Experiments - Labs chapters 7-18

Supplemental Texts: Smithsonian's Science 101 Chemistry and Chemistry for Dummies with 1001 Practice Problems Workbook

Supplemental Reading:
-- The Elements and Molecules both by Theodore Gray

Supplemental Resources: see "Chemistry" in right side menu

History (4+ hrs/wk)

Honors World History "Medieval and Renaissance Civ's" (0.5 cr)

Text & Videos: World Civilizations: The Global Experience (AP Edition, 7th ed, Stearns, w/ MyHistoryLab, ch. 11-20, 600-1450 C.E., and ch. 21-27, 1450-1750)

Resources: The Timetables of History: A Horizontal Linkage of People and Events and DK History: The Definitive Visual Guide

Reading List: Selections from ancient world history section of WTM's History-as-Literature List including The Inferno by Dante (1320), Utopia by Thomas More (1516), Paradise Lost (selections) by Milton (1664), “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding” by John Locke (1690).

Humanities / Social Sciences

Foreign Language (3 hrs/wk)

Foreign Language "ASL Signing II" (0.33 cr.)

Text & Workbook: A Basic Course in American Sign Language
(ch 8-15 & dialogue 3-4; equiv. to Pierce College's ASL&122 Sign Language II)

Supplemental Reading: Selected articles and books on deaf culture including Anything But Silent. Also, perhaps Helen Keller -- Miracle Worker? Blind Rage: Letters to Helen Keller?

Resources: Signing - How to Speak with Your Hands by Elaine Costello; Signing Savvy videos


Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theatre

PE: Fitness & Health (4 hrs/wk)

PE/Fitness "Intermediate Archery" (0.25 cr.)

Fitness: Archery at least twice a week at the archery range.
Variety of other exercise such as Zumba, dancing, walking, running, light weights, 7-minute workouts, wii-fit, yoga, meditation.

PE/Health "Effects of Diethylstilbestrol Exposure I" (0.25 credit)

Health: History of diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure; effects on the reproductive and autoimmune systems in 2nd and 3rd generation exposed persons.

Extra Curricular Activities (5+ hrs/wk)

Girl Scouts (Senior): Complete badges as desired. Perform service projects in the community. (4 hrs/month)

Environmental Activism: Volunteering with Green Party SWWA, Columbia Riverkeeper, and No Methanol 360. Sign waving, canvassing, letters-to-the-editor, written testimony, and public comments at hearings. (approx. 2 hrs/week)

Horseback Riding Lessons and Horse Camps at Cornerstone Horsemanship Stables (approx. 1.5 hr/wk)

Clubs: Active with a Teen Book Club that meets monthly (FVRL) to discuss books and authors. Active in BSAT Teen Writing Group that meets semi-monthly to share writing and provide each other constructive feedback. (3 hrs/month + lots of reading/writing)