Columbia Heights Academy
Grade 9 Curriculum































































Trimester Three (May-July)

English (18 hrs/wk)

0.25 cr. for English - Composition "Writing Great Fiction"
0.25 cr. for English - Literature
"Classic Masters"

Composition (6 hrs/wk)
- Text: Writing Strands 5 (second half)
- Video Course: (Great Courses)
Writing Great Fiction: Storytelling Tips and Techniques
- Supplementary Reading:
On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction
- Engagement: B-SAT Teen Writers Group

Literature (5 hrs/wk)
- Audio Course: A Day's Read (Great Courses)
- Engagement: FVRL Teen Book Club; Prof. Writers Series

Reading (12+ hrs/wk; NC=no credit)
- Book List: assigned and free choices per CHA Lit List 9

Vocabulary (2 hrs/wk; NC)
- Text: Classical Roots "E" with Quizlet
- Study: Keep notebook of difficult words from readings
- Supplementary Videos: The Adventure of English (BBC doc)

Mathematics (6 hrs/wk)

5/12 cr. Geometry (3rd trimester)

Text: Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding (chs. 13-16)

Supplementary: A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe by Michael Schneider (chs. 6-10)

Technology: Learn GeoGebra software via Math247 Mathcasts

Activities: Zome Tool Geometry

PROJECT: Goal, scope, sequence T.B.D. in consultation with student

Science (3 hrs/wk)

0.33 credit for General Science "History and Development of Science"

Texts: The Story of Science (trilogy)

Video Course: Joy of Science (Great Courses)

History (5 hrs/wk)

0.33 cr. Honors World History - Lit. of Ancient World Civilizations

Reading List: Selections from ancient world history section of WTM's History-as-Literature List including classic books by Homer (The Iliad and The Odyssey, 850 B.C.E.), Aristophanes (The Birds, 414 B.C.E.), Plato (The Republic, 387 B.C.E.), Aristotle (Rhetoric), Lucretius (On the Nature of Things, 60 B.C.E.), Virgil (Aeneid, 30 B.C.E.), Ovid (Metamorphoses, c. 5 C.E.).

Project: Intense studies of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey and Virgil's Aeneid via Great Courses: Iliad of Homer, Odyssey of Homer, Virgil of Aeneid (audio courses)

Humanities / Social Sciences

Foreign Language


Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theatre

PE: Fitness & Health

0.25 credit for PE/Fitness - Beginning Tennis

PE/Fitness: "High School Tennis 101" class at Vancouver Tennis Center

Extra Curricular Activities

Horseback Riding Lessons and volunteering at Cornerstone Horsemanship Stables (3.5 hr/wk)

Clubs: Active with a Teen Book Club that meets monthly (FVRL) to discuss books. Active in BSAT Teen Writing Group that meets semi-monthly to share writing and provide each other constructive feedback. (3 hrs/month + reading/writing homework)

Girl Scouts (Senior): Complete badges as desired. Perform service projects in the community. (4 hrs per month)

Green Party and Environmental activism (4 hrs per month)