Columbia Heights Academy
Grade 9 Curriculum




















































Trimester One (Sept-Nov)

English (13 hrs/wk)

0.5 cr. for English Composition - Travel Blogging

Composition (5 hrs/wk = 60 hrs total)
- Blogging our "Scampering across the Southwest ... Rocks!" travels

Vocabulary (2 hrs/wk; NC=no credit)
- Text: Classical Roots "D" with Quizlet
- Study: Keep notebook of difficult words from readings
- Supplementary: Language A to Z (Great Courses, audio book)

Reading (6 hrs/wk; NC)
- Book List: assigned and free choices per CHA Lit List 9

Mathematics (4 hrs/wk)

0.33 cr. for Geometry (2nd trimester)

Text: Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding

Technology: GeoGebra software

Supplementary: Girls Get Curves by Danica McKellar

Additional Activities: Engage in hands-on projects in algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, strategy, and logic. Read fun math books. Work puzzles and play games.

Science (10 hrs/wk)

1 cr. for Geology w/ 6-week field experience "lab"

Video Courses: (Great Courses)
(1) Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology
(2) How the Earth Works

Supplemental Resources: see "Geology" in right side menu

Written Texts: Roadside Geology of ... Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah (4 books from the series)

*** Scampering Across the Southwest ... Rocks! ***

The Keely family will spend six+ weeks camping our way across the southwest U.S.A. in our 16' Scamp trailer visiting national parks (including Arches, Bryce, Canyon Lands, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, Zion), cool geological sites, and having adventures (e.g. mule ride, spelunking, white water rafting, zip lining). Geology of the Southwest is the focus particularly on rocks and formation of the landscapes. Smaller studies include regional history, geography, culture, art, and architecture.


Foreign Language

Humanities / Social Sciences

Technology (5 hrs/wk)

0.25 cr. for Elective - Digital Media 201

Digital Media 201 - Take photographs of "Landscapes and Adventures in the Southwest" with a focus on artistic composition and light.

Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theatre (7.5 hrs/wk)

0.5 cr. for Art Skill - Intermediate Sketching
0.25 cr. for Art Appreciation - Native American Art and Architecture

Art Skill: Intermediate Sketching - Landscapes of the Southwest

Art Appreciation: Navajo beading, textiles, ceramics, and Anasazi architecture including field trips to museums in Santa Fe NM, living pueblo in Taos NM, and ancient cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde CO

PE: Fitness & Health (5 hrs/wk)

0.5 cr. for PE/Fitness - Backcountry Sports

Fitness: Backpack the Tetons, kayak the Puget Sound, zipline in the Columbia River Gorge, hike the southwest deserts and National Parks in Utah/Arizona/NewMexico, high ropes course "in the trees" in AZ, mule ride down into Grand Canyon, and raft the Colorado River in Glen Canyon

Extra Curricular Activities

Clubs: Active with two Teen Book Clubs that meet monthly (FVRL) to discuss books. Active in BSAT Teen Writing Group that meets monthly to share writing and provide each other constructive feedback. (3 hrs/month + lots of reading/writing homework)