Columbia Heights Academy
Grade 8 Curriculum




Total hrs per wk:
39 hrs academics*
11 hrs PE & ECA
*19 R&W, 15 STEAM, 5 HUM








































Semester Two (March-July)

Composition, Language Arts, & Literature

Composition / Writing
- Writing Strands 4-5 alt'n with short writing assns (3 hr/wk)
- Journaling & Creative Writing (2 hr/wk)

Language Arts
- Growing with Grammar 8 (3 hr/wk)
- Vocabulary Classical Roots "C" Grade 9 (2 hr/wk) Quizlet

- Reading (7 hr/wk formal assn'd and free) - WTM long list lit

Writing/Reading Projects
- Young Writers Program for High School with the Young Novelists Workbook for HS (2 hr/wk; 0.5 HS credit for Writing)
- Enter teen writing contests as often as possible! (see "submit your work" in right side panel)

Mathematics & Logic

Geometry: Seeing, Doing, Understanding (Harold Jacobs, 3rd ed.) (4 hr/wk; 1st third of course; 0.33 HS credit for Geometry)

Supplemental Reading: Girls Get Curves by Danica McKellar

Additional Activities: Engage in hands-on projects in algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, strategy, and logic. Read fun math books. Work puzzles and play games. (2 hr/wk)


Chemistry Text: Introductory Chemistry by Nivaldo Tro (3 hr/wk; chs. 1-4; 0.5 HS credit for Chem as this is Clark College's CHEM&110)

Chemistry Lab: Thames and Kosmos's CHEM C3000 Chemistry Kit with 387 Experiments (2 hr/wk)

Supplemental Texts: Smithsonian's Science 101 Chemistry and Chemistry for Dummies with 1001 Practice Problems Workbook

Supplemental Reading:
-- The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Jeanne Bendick

Supplemental Resources: see "Chemistry" in right side menu


Learn CSS programming @ Code Academy and apply that knowledge to upgrade your own HTML hand-coded e-bio webpage (2 hr/wk)

Social Studies: History, Geography, Cultures, Gov

US History
- Young People's History of the U.S. by Howard Zinn, vol 2 (1 hr/wk)
- Selected lessons from Standford Univ's Reading Like a Historian (1 hr/wk)
- Selected assessments via Beyond the Bubble
- History Channel's Ultimate Guide to the Presidents (dvd series) & The U.S. Presidents (web resource)

Foreign Language

Foreign Language (modern): Sign Language I with video resources at Signing Savvy and supplemental readings. (3 hr/wk; ch 1-7 & dialogue 1-2; 0.33 HS credit For. Lang. as this is first course of Pierce College's ASL&121-123)

Foreign Language (classical): Latin and Greek roots via Classical Roots series of vocabulary lessons and playing Rummy Roots card game.

Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theatre

Art Skills: Beginner Sketching @ (2 hr/wk)

Art Appreciation: Field trips to museums throughout the western states

Theatre: Read and attend plays and musicals

Health, PE, & Extra Curricular Activities

Health: Nutrition unit followed by a "De-Stressing" unit each with an assigned monthly research paper. (1 hr/wk)

PE-Daily: Do the Royal Canadian Air Force’s XBX Fitness Challenge before lunch every day. Additionally, workout vigorously at least every other day. Try to ... "Get out and play an hour a day!" (4+ hr/wk)

PE-Sports: Horseback Riding Lessons at Cornerstone Horsemanship Stables (2 hr/wk)

Girl Scouts Cadettes: Complete two patches per month; read Journey books; perform service projects. In spring, conduct major community service project and apply for the Silver Award. (3 hr/wk)

Active with two Teen Book Clubs that meet monthly (FVRL) to discuss books. Active in BSAT Teen Writing Group that meets monthly to share writing and provide each other constructive feedback. (3 hrs/month + lots of reading/writing homework)