Columbia Heights Academy
Grade 8 Curriculum




Total hrs per wk:
36 hrs academics*
12 hrs PE & ECA
*18 R&W, 16 STEAM







Semester One (Sept-Jan)

Composition, Language Arts, & Literature

Composition / Writing
- Writing Strands 4 alt'n with short writing assns (3 hr/wk)
- Journaling & write stories, poems, songs (2 hr/wk)
- Blogging for (1 hr/wk)
- Enter teen writing contests as often as possible! (see right panel)

Language Arts
- Growing with Grammar 7 (3 hr/wk)
- Vocabulary Classical Roots "B" Grade 8 (2 hr/wk) Quizlet

- Reading (7 hr/wk formal assn'd and free) - WTM long list lit

Writing/Reading Projects
- Submit 1000-word story to Teen Writing Contest @FVRL.
- Mock Printz Award reading (6 bks) and decision meeting @FVRL

Mathematics & Logic

Complete 2-3 "morning maths" per week. (1 hr/wk)

Keely's Algebra II-III (4 hr/wk; 1 HS credit for Algebra I as this is finishing up Clark College's Elementary Algebra MATH 090; 1 HS credit for Algebra II as this is Clark College's Intermediate Algebra MATH 095)

Engage in hands-on projects in algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, strategy, and logic. Read fun math books. Work puzzles and play games. (2 hrs per week)


Finish CPO Earth Science (4 hr/wk including 1 lab)

See separate page for supplemental resources, books, dvds.

OMSI chemistry class "Life Under the Microscope" (Jan 2015)


HTML programming of personal webpage (2 hr/wk)

OMSI tech class "Stop Motion Animation" (Jan 2015)

Social Studies: History, Geography, Cultures, Gov

US History & North American Geography
- Young People's History of the U.S. by Howard Zinn, vol 1 (2 hr/wk)
- History Channel's The States (dvd series)
- Memorize states, provinces, capitals

World History
- Burke's Connections I dvd series

Foreign Language

Foreign Language (modern): N/A

Foreign Language (classical): Play Latin Rummy Roots games

Fine Arts: Art, Music, Theatre

Art Skills: Knitting, Sewing, & Paracord Weaving (1 hr/wk, 1/3 MS credit)

Musical Instrument: Ukelele (2 hr/wk) & Music Theory

Theatre: audition, rehearse, and perform title role in The Ugly Duckling at The Gardner School (1/3 MS credit)

Health, PE, & Extra Curricular Activities

Health: Animal health and well-being, Human health and well-being (1 hr/wk)

PE/Sports: Improve ab strength through stretching, exercises, yoga, dancing, outdoor play (4 hr/wk)

PE/EC: Horseback Riding Lessons at Cornerstone Horsemanship Stables (2 hr/wk)

GS Cadettes: Complete one patch per month; read Journey books; perform service projects as desired (2 hrs per month)

teeNClub meets weekly at FVRL for chess, games, homework, socializing. (3 hr/wk)